Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011


Better to wait for the person you want THAN walk along the 'available' Better to wait for someone you love THAN people who are around you Better to wait for the right person because life is too short to be discarded only with 'someone'

You slalu accompany my days When sad or happy

You make me smile forever 

when my smile away from me

 But ....

 happiness seemed to feel empty  
Where when I should leave you
 leave you far from your life

Sad ... upset ...

When I got to go leave you   
and leave all the love that you provide during this

 Stay strong my dear

 I go only 'temporarily

 I'm sure we can live it all

I hope Our love will never fade swallowed by time and distance Wait ... my presence. I promise to keep our love ...

Goodbye ...

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